Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, “Mirqat of Qatar” reviews the critical oratories

30 March, 2021

The “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative, is organized weekly by the Qatari Forum for Authors within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021. In its third session hosted in the Ministry of Culture and Sports and broadcasted on the forum YouTube channel, the initiative reviewed the topic of “Critical Oratories”.

The linguistic expert, Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, who supervises the initiative, addressed the definition of “Critical Oratories”, which is a new term introduced by the “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative, in order to develop the art of public speaking and to practice the art of constructive criticism of Arabic texts.

For his part, Mr. Mohamed Al-Shabrawi, a member of the initiative team, talked about the term and the history of criticism until it had scientific methodologies and specific rules, calling on the session competitors to present a purposeful and objective criticism of the topics they will address.

This was pursued by a presentation of a model speech entitled “You are different”, presented by the writer Ghayath Al-Khayimi, in which he addressed the distinction of a person, his uniqueness and his difference from others despite the presence of points of convergence and similarity with other people.

For two minutes each, four participants competed in the criticism of the model speech, relying on partial criticism that focuses on the orator’s strengths in the aesthetics of meaning, articulation, body language, tone of voice and linguistic methods according to the methodology established by the “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory”.

The competition resulted in the following raking: Kawkab Al-Dulaimi attained the first place, and Ahmed Azab obtained the second place, while the third place was for Alkhalil Mahfoudh.