Within activities of “Doha, Capital of Culture”.. QU Organizes Third Youth Research Forum

24 March, 2021

The Third Youth Research Forum 2021 started on Wednesday, organized by the Qatar University (QU) Young Scientists Center (YSC) in cooperation with the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, within the activities of Doha, the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021.

The two-day forum will be held under the slogan: “Identity and Cultural Tourism: Towards a Culture of Sustainable Legacy” via a WebEx platform within the framework of QU’s strategy aimed at developing scientific research among young people, particularly, the aspects related to identity studies, heritage and cultural communication.

The forum will review 17 research papers and three research posters by young researchers from the State of Qatar and a number of countries in the Arab world.

In his speech during the opening of the forums works, HE Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali stressed the importance of this forum, which comes within the activities of Doha, the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021, and focuses on studies of heritage, identity, cultural and civilizational communication and cultural tourism. He praised the richness of Qatari culture, the diverse Qatari heritage, and the keenness of the Qatari people to take pride in their identity, culture and civilization.

His Excellency said the Qatari people are keen to cherish their identity as a reflection of their personality and history, and search in their culture for the reasons that lead to their civilized development, therefore they take care of the manifestations of the culture in their social and environmental areas to be a translation of their perceptions that reflect human dignity and are based on freedom and justice, as well as their respect for the other and their belief in the importance of interacting.

Cultural tourism in Qatar

He also stressed that the interest in cultural tourism in the State of Qatar comes to consolidate the foundations of identity and to introduce the other to the richness of Qatari culture. He pointed out that the first thing a tourist sees is deep perceptions, so they pay attention to the Qatari peoples acceptance of the other, their openness, and respect for their customs and traditions.

His Excellency added that the tourist also finds aspects of this culture when visiting museums, archaeological sites and historical monuments and during their acquaintance with the craft industries, or attending some cultural events in exhibitions and festivals, so these appearances will be helpful tools for knowing the deep identity in Qatar.

He pointed out that the distinctive cultural content directed to tourists achieves a developmental goal for the tourism sector and contributes to sustainable development, noting the main purpose is to work according to the principle of acquaintance that was mentioned in the Holy Quran and that cultural tourism helps the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

Cultural tourism reinforces the ideal image of the State of Qatar in its openness to people, its embrace of cultures, and its role in strengthening human ties between societies, His Excellency pointed out.

In turn, HE QU President Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham said that this forum, which hosts young researchers from a number of Arab countries, represents an appropriate opportunity to direct youth towards the needs of society in the next stage, in which the State of Qatar is preparing to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and to confirm their role and contribution in the tournament.

He stressed the importance of involving young people in the research and exploration duties paving the way for this international event, such as highlighting the national identity of the State of Qatar and its people, introducing its ancient heritage and modern renaissance, and promoting cultural tourism that the tourist and visitor to Qatar can learn about in the next stage.

Creative vision and modern technology

For her part, Secretary-General of Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Dr. Hamda Hassan Al Sulaiti said that this research forum, which represents a common ground for the convergence of youth energies, has become a starting point for unique and new ideas and research projects that combine creative vision with modern technology, and employ all these aspects in serving youth and advancing their affairs.

She emphasized the importance of the role that the youth group plays, being the most dynamic and influential in society, with the creative potentials and capabilities it possesses, noting the interest of institutions in rehabilitating young people, preparing them educationally, physically, mentally and psychologically, and enhancing the values of citizenship in their souls and a sense of belonging to the State.

Dr. Al Sulaiti pointed to the role assigned to Qatari youth to make the 2022 FIFA World Cup a success, and said that the State of Qatar is on the verge of hosting this tournament, which requires young people a lot of effort and life skills that contribute to organizing this international tournament.

In this context, she noted the Generation Amazing program launched by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in cooperation with the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education which seeks to empower and teach students the basics and laws of the game of football in a way that serves Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and said coordination is underway with a number of Arab countries to implement the program.

She stressed the essential role of youth in promoting tourism and culture in Qatar through their contribution to the competent authorities in the country to highlight the archaeological and heritage sites for tourists and visitors and work to diversify the tourism sector to attract new segments of visitors and tourists to the State of Qatar. She added that cultural tourism today is one of the most popular types of tourism in the world.