“Visual Arts” courses develop the talents in Islamic decorations

19 September, 2021

Visual Arts Center in Ministry of Culture and Sports concluded its summer program, which extended for a whole month, and the activities were closed with a course in teaching “Animi characters” directed by artist Hamad Al-Mutawa, and it was open to all groups to introduce this art.

This course came within the training center program within the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, which included courses and workshops in all fields.

Al-Mutawa said that the 3-day course enabled talented participants to master the drawing of animi characters step by step, and applying it to leather mobile covers, as well as introducing the areas that can be benefited from by using this type of art in practical life.

He added that these courses are an opportunity to learn, develop skills, refine and develop the talents, and also a direct contact between the trainees and the trainer which enables the exchange of experiences. He explained that the course targeted the category of boys and girls aged 17 years and over.

In turn, Hoda Al-Yafei, Director of the Visual Arts Center, said that the summer program was a rich and varied program and included 7 courses, the first of which was the “Expressions” course: the course presenter, by artist Wissam Mahmoud Radwan, and included learning about the prominent engraving method on the linoleum mold and the various etching tools.

Al Yafei added that the program included a training course on “Dishes on the Wall” presented by the artist Wasfi Issa Al-Hadidi, through which he was introduced to the art of ceramics, its techniques and tools, and manual formation on the electric wheel, which is represented in preparing clay, shaping clay, burning process and glazing.