Two workshops on the basics and plot in story writing

08 August, 2021


The program of “Contest Your Dreams with Hamad” , which is organized by the Youth Programs Department of the Qatari Forum for Authors, presented two training workshops over the past two days, presented by writer Mukhtar Khawaja, in the activities of Doha, the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021.

The first workshop, which was titled “The Basics and Pillars of Story Writing”, the writer Mukhtar Khawaja said that he decided to participate in this initiative, because he dreamed of short stories writing.

About the definition of the short story, Khawaja said that some researchers define the short story as a fictional prose narration, but it is usually mentally acceptable, embodying changes in human relationships, and the author derives his material from his experience in life and his observation of it, but he elects and formulates this material according to his purposes, which include entertainment and the disclosure of human experience.

He pointed out that the short story in one of the definitions deals with a sector or a segment or a situation in life, in which the writer highlights a main character and all its related features and features.

Khawaja reviewed a brief historical view of the short story, and what he reviewed is that the beginnings of the short story were in the folds of legends and long stories, as well as puzzles for children to sleep, all of which represent prototypes of the short story in the lives of all peoples, as well as the Arabs did not know the short story in the pre-Islamic era. He mentioned that its decisive development appeared at the hands of the French Guy de Maupassant and the Russian Antoine Chekhov.

The second workshop, entitled “Techniques and Keys to Plot Making”, Khawaja presented an example of the disjointed plot.