Twenty-seventh session of “Mirqat Qatar for Oratory”

06 October, 2021


Qatari Forum for Authors organized the twenty-seventh session of the “Mirqat Qatar for Oratory”, which comes within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, with the participation of three orators in various types of discourse.

The writer Mohamed Al-Shabrawi, the supervisor of the initiative and the language partner, accompanied by the linguistic expert, Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, gave the speech of the Mirqat. Also Mr. Ahmed Azab gave the first sermon in this session, and the third for him, entitled “Menu,” which is predominantly humorous.

In the second sermon, “Written at the second level”, during which Mr. Mahmoud Suleiman spoke about the health crisis that struck the world, entitled “Positive Corona”, and it came in an ascetic manner, in which he enumerated the blessings that we experience in our ordinary lives.

As for the third sermon presented by Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Fares, it is a critical sermon at the third level, and requires observing the body language used. After the recitation stage, the jury gave directions and notes to the participants.

The session concluded with a paragraph on redressing the linguistic pitfalls, during which light was shed on some linguistic errors made by the participants.