The tour of memorized sermons in “Marqat Qatar” witnesses a great deal of competition among the participants.

21 April, 2021

The activities of “Marqat Qatar” initiative, which is held weekly by the Qatari Forum for Authors within the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, continued. As a continuation of the fourth session, the fifth session witnessed a great competition among the participants in memorized sermons.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, the Arabic language expert supervising the initiative, said in his speech: The selection of the topic for the sermon in this episode comes as a continuation of the previous session, as the rhetorician talks about himself through a memorized sermon entitled: “Who am I”. The rhetorician has to mention what he accomplished to achieve self-satisfaction, to motivate others and himself, as well as to enhance acquaintance between the rhetoricians. Al-Janabi stressed that each sermon has to include its main elements; an introduction, a presentation and a conclusion. In fact, each rhetorician has three minutes during which he has to pay attention to the vocal performance and the achievement of the general goal and the specific goal of the sermon.

The session witnessed a reading of the sermon of the Qais bin Saada, one of the most famous rhetoricians of the pre-Islamic era, in the context of reviving historical sermons. For his part, the writer Muhammad al-Shabrawi, the co-supervisor of the “Marqat Qatar” sermon initiative, explained the importance of memorizing the sermon due to the need to infer Quran verses, prophetic hadiths, wisdom, poems and proverbs that enrich the hadith. He pointed that memorization will not dispense with the understanding that helps the rhetorician to improvise. Indeed, understanding is appropriate in the opening and in the texts on which the rhetorician relies and at the conclusion of the topic, which enable the speaker to be fluent and clear. The repetition is also importance as it helps in memorization and recall. He infers with many of the sayings and wisdom which highlighted the importance of memorization.

During the fifth session, the rhetoricians Faisal Al-Hudawi, who spoke non-Arabic, and Osama Sayed were competing. Professors Abdullah Al-Khalaf and Ahmed Al-Hizam evaluated and judged them. They provided the competitors with advice and instructions to improve the sermon.