The Theater Affairs Center celebrates the World Theater Day through the performance of “Wadi Al Majadir”

27 March, 2021

Within the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021

Announcement of the second session of University Theater Festival awards “Our Youth on the Stage”

The Theater Affairs Center celebrates this evening the World Theater Day, which falls on March 27 of each year, by presenting the play “Wadi Al Majadir”, which is written and directed by Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, in cooperation with the artists of Doha Theater Group, at 7:30 pm on the Qatar National Theater. The show will be broadcasted live via Zoom application. The celebration program includes a speech for World Theater Day, and a speech for Qatari playwrights.

The events of the play “Wadi Al Majadir” took place in the 1930s of the last century when a smallpox epidemic struck Qatar and other parts of the Gulf in the summer of 1932. The characters of the play include Ahmed Afif who played the role of “al-Mudawe”, Zainab al-Ali who played the role of “Umm Saeed,” and Jasim al-Saadi in “al-Majdour”. The play deals with the duality of life and death, and the transformations of man in light of the disasters afflicting him.

Artist Ahmed Afif said: “The show is addressed to the public audiences, who are anticipating the World Theater Day just as the playwrights also did after a long standing. He pointed out that the play “Wadi Al Majadir” is a heritage work, but it carries existential dimensions, as it deals with the duality of life and death, hope and despair, as well as will and helplessness. The play tells about an epidemic that occurred in the 1930s, and killed many people. Afif pointed out that the essence of the play is not in simulating the event, but in highlighting the value of the human being, which carries within him his strength and weakness at the same time.”

For her part, the artist Zainab Al-Ali said: “The play brings us back to the past and ancient history. In fact, it is a different work in terms of the story and its human dimensions, as well as in terms of the directorial vision that reflects the creativity of Mr. Abdul Rahma Al Mannai. She mentioned that Doha Theater Group the place where she taught theater when she was a child and that she was and still is the heroine of the group’s performances, expressing her pride in it, its members and its board of directors.”

She also said that she embodies, in the play, the character of “Umm Saeed”, the mother who lost her son, “Saeed” due to illness. “Umm Saeed” is a completely different character from the characters that she presented in her artistic career, confirming that the play has a lot of suspense.

University Theater

The second session of University Theater Festival “Our Youth on the Stage, which was held from March 21st to March 24th, and named after the late artist Musa Abdul Rahman, and came within the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, concludes its activities today with the announcement of awards and honoring the winners online via zoom, as part of the celebration of World Theater Day.

The artist, Salah Al Mulla, Director of Theater Affairs Center, said that the festival highlighted the efforts of young people and stressed that the theatrical act in Qatar continues and always looks for development.

He called on young people who participated in the University Theater Festival to join the Qatari theater groups and engage in the theatrical act.

Al-Mulla affirmed that the Theater Affairs Center is keen on the continuation of youth theater, whether in universities or youth centers, and that the Theater Affairs Center submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry’s Youth Affairs Department, to activate the role of theater in the various youth centers, stressing that most of the young people who participated in the university festival will have important contributions to theatrical work in youth centers.