The role of novel and story in promoting Arab and Islamic culture

27 May, 2021


As part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Qatari Forum for Authors held a special session about the narrative and the story, with participation of a number of writers and critics from Qatar and other countries.

Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director General of Qatari Forum for Authors, emphasized the importance of the forum of novel and story, as literature has an impact on the lives of young people, as well as their impact when transforming into dramatic works, which may touch the person and his future, as well as dealing with human history. This makes it so important in changing societies.

Al-Hammadi said that the stories and novels have gone beyond the literary framework to an important cultural role in life, which makes us care about them more, especially in light of Doha’s embrace of the activities of the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

In his turn, writer Issa Abdullah, Director of the Novel and Story Forum event, emphasized the importance of the forum in promoting Arab and Islamic culture, pointing to the most important themes addressed by the forum, which are: the development of the Qatari and Arab novel, the Arab and Islamic culture and its influences in the Qatari novel, criticism and intonation in literary works, in addition to promoting Arab and Islamic culture through literature for children and adolescents and transforming it into dramatic works.

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Salim, Professor of Literature and Criticism at Qatar University, talked about the path of the Qatari novel since its appearance in 1993 by the two sisters Shuaa and Dalal Khalifa. He mentioned that there was a leap that took place after that to the point that we notice today the issuance of more than twenty Qatari novels in one year, and the emergence of a large number of writers.

For their part, the Lebanese critics Dr. Ali Nisr and the Moroccan, Dr. Abdelali Boutayeb, discussed the march of the Arab novel, as they emphasized that the insightful Arab novel was able to constitute a creative research on many issues.

In the axis of Arab and Islamic culture and its influences in the Qatari and Arab novel between Mr. Muhammad Hassan Al-Kuwari, Director of the Publications and Translation Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in his intervention, the difference between the short story and the novel. It dealt with the history of the Arab novel as well as the history of the novel and the story in Qatar.

In his intervention, the critic Dr. Hassan Rashid touched on the reality of the cultural field for publishing the story and the novel in Qatar, while Dr. Abdelhak Balabed, professor of critical curricula at Qatar University, reviewed a number of critical models for a number of literary works.

At the end of the session, writer and novelist Issa Abdullah spoke about the role of young people’s narratives in the history of social values and defining the cultural heritage of young people. As for the writer, Sheikha Al-Ziyara, she presented a paper in the field of promoting Arab and Islamic culture through literature.