The Green Tent conclude its 17th season with a poetry symposium

04 May, 2021


The Green Tent of the “For each spring a Flower” program concluded its seventeenth season with a poetry symposium under the title “Poets Forum on the Occasion of Doha, Capital of Islamic Culture”. A number of poets and writers from various Arab countries have participated in that event.

The symposium included some literary texts that were inspired by place, time, ideas, events, characters and artistic expressions, about Doha’s entitlement and merit to the title of the capital of Islamic culture from their personal writings.

Dr. Saif bin Ali Al Hagari, head of the program, confirmed that the tent has continued for 17 years of giving and living with knowledge, science and environmental sustainability. He added that the “For each spring a Flower” program, as an initiative launched by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, aims to promote active interaction with nature and inspire scholars, intellectuals, opinion-holders, poets, writers and artists of all generations.

He explained that what the tent offers is a kind of devotion by transferring experiences, science and knowledge to others and urging people to preserve the environment, as God Almighty and His Honorable Prophet have commanded.

Al-Hagari added that this season is the second in which the tent is organized through visual communication technology, which has enabled the communication with specialists and thinkers from different countries of the world.

He pointed out that every year one or more episodes are devoted to writers and poets who share their creativity and enrich the intellectual and literary scene with many vocabulary and meanings and high-end pictures, expressing his gratitude to all those in charge of this tent.

For their part, poets, writers and artists expressed their gratitude for the green tent and its efforts to support cultural and literary life as it is an important window for poets to view the general public in various Arab countries. They recited a number of poems that support the choice of Doha as the capital of Islamic culture.

The poems praises the people of Qatar, their good endeavors, their white hands, the superiority of their country, its uniqueness and its people with many original Arab characteristics, and its efforts and innovations in spreading Islamic culture and the Arabic language and its contributions to the advancement of Arab and Islamic societies.

They also recited several poems praising the Islamic religion and the noble Prophet Muhammad, also praising the Arab and Islamic world, and its contributions in spreading virtue and good morals, and other poems about the importance of preserving nature.