“The Fortified House” within the activities of Doha the capital of Islamic culture

19 June, 2021


The activities of the fourth annual conference, organized by Tarbiya Center, under the title “The Fortified House”, were launched on Saturday, as part of the activities of Doha the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021, with participation of specialists and educational experts from Qatar and the Arab world.

During two days the conference, which held via Zoom, discussed some papers and suggestions aimed at addressing the most important family challenges, and developing perceptions to deal with them from an Islamic perspective, in addition to educating married couples about the elements of a happy family, based on Islamic culture, as well as contributing to building and fortifying the family in light of these challenges, in order to preserve its components and Islamic identity.

Dr. Jassim Sultan, Director of Al-Wejdan Civilization Center at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, talked about the most important challenges facing the family at the present time, so that the house is fortified.

He pointed to the challenge resulting from globalization, and the need for parents to respond to their children’s questions, to produce programs that reflect our culture, and to return our sons and daughters who are preparing for marriage to the ability to dialogue.

For his part, Dr. Reda Al-Hadithi, an expert in the science of personality patterns, said that Allah created us differently, and the human cannot  change what he do not know, Or what he do not recognize. And when we understand the nature of others, the more we accept them.

Dr. Yazan Abdo also presented a paper entitled “Cold Divorce” in which he explained that divorce results from many reasons and indicators, including the lack of dialogue except for necessities, the existence of continuous disagreement, the absence of joint activities, and so on. He stressed that the silent divorce has negative effects on all family members psychologically, physically and mentally.

For her part, Jawaher Al-Manea, a trainer and specialist in family affairs, spoke about what she called the “five languages ​​of love”. She indicated that the discussion is the way to find out what each of the couples needs from the other, while another paper discussed some matters that considered an entrance to the proper interaction between spouses with the current time.