Symposium on the biography of Sheikh Hamed bin Ahmed Al Marwani

15 September, 2021

Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized a cultural symposium on the biography of Sheikh Hamed bin Ahmed Al Marwani (1865 -1940) entitled “Moon Sites in the Treasures of Qatar’s Heritage”.

The symposium shed light on a number of themes: introducing one of the most prominent pioneers of Islamic culture and education in general, Sheikh Hamid Al-Marwani, and a review of Sheikh Al-Marwani’s efforts and leadership in the fields of education, his most famous students, and his impact on spreading a culture of concern for education, in addition to discussing a pioneering model from the Sheikh’s manuscripts on the moon sites and their use in spreading environmental culture through the “Globe” program implemented by the Science Department of the Department of Educational Guidance.

The symposium was also hosted by Eng. Hassan Al Marwani, the grandson of the Sheikh, who spoke about the biography of Sheikh Al Marwani and his most important works and manuscripts. He also noted the role of Sheikh Hamed Al-Marwani in the educational movement in Qatar, where he created a book as the nucleus of a school in his private home located in Al-Jasra area, and began his educational activity by teaching the children of his close neighbors the Holy Quran and its rulings, and that was in the period prior to 1900.

He also pointed out that Sheikh Hamed became famous among the people of the region due to his distinguished method of teaching, so the demands of parents who wished to educate their sons and daughters on his hands increased. Hence, Sheikh Hamed built some additional rooms in his house to accommodate the number of students, and he taught other subjects besides teaching the Noble Qur’an, such as teaching Arabic reading and writing, and the principles of arithmetic.

Hassan Al-Marwani then reviewed some of Sheikh Hamed Al-Marwani’s students, some of whom became prominent in the modern history of Qatar, most notably: Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani, the first Minister of Electricity and Water in Qatar, His Excellency Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Manea, the former Minister of Health, and His Excellency Ali bin Ahmed Al-Ansari, the first Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, and Ms. Amna Al Jaidah, the first Qatari school principal.

The symposium discussed the association of astronomy with the life of the Arabs in the past and its use in Islamic sciences, and the distinction between the sites of the moon associated with the constellations behind it, which amount to 28 places, and the phases of the moon that change during the Arabic month.