Sixth edition of the electronic newsletter “Our Culture is Enlightenment”

21 August, 2021


The organizing committee of Doha the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021, issued the sixth edition of the electronic newsletter “Our Culture is Enlightenment” for July month, in order to document the events and inform the followers of all the news of the event.

The newsletter covers all the news and events held as part of the celebration of Doha, the capital of Islamic culture, during the month of July, including the inauguration of 4 special postage stamps on the occasion of events hosting, which join the array of Qatari postage stamps, and reflect the great efforts made by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with strategic partners, participating and sponsoring entities.

The newsletter also dealt with the opening of two art exhibitions on “Human Rights” at Hamad International Airport by the artist Ahmed Al-Maadeed and the artist Sabah Al-Arbeli, as well as the opening of registration for the “Challenge and Innovation Forum” that will be organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports represented by the Qatar Scientific Club during the period from 6 to 11 November under the slogan “With mind, we solve knots”. The Museum of Islamic Art invited Qatari artists to participate in an educational trip to Turkey as part of the “Discover 2” program.

The newsletter included the history of the musician Abdulaziz Nasser, the dean of Qatari music, who was born in Doha in 1952 AD. He established the “Adwaa Band”, the first artistic group for theater and music, and composed the Qatari anthem for the state. He was interested in Qatari folklore. He also presented national lyrical works, the most famous of which is “Allah, O my life, Qatar”.

The newsletter focused on the authentic Qatari heritage by presenting the book “Qatari Heritage.. Past and Present”, by the writer Islam Al-Sanhouri, which reviews the aesthetics of the past in Qatari society, explaining the customs and traditions of the old wedding, women and their prominent role in Qatari heritage, and education in the past, which was not It is still an integral part of the heritage, in addition to the foods, currencies and popular words in the past and present.

You can see and download the newsletter via the following link: