“Race Your Dreams with Hamad” program continues to enhance skills writers

18 August, 2021


In the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Qatari Forum for Authors presented a new episode of the training program “Race Your Dreams with Hamad”, entitled “Characters and Determining Time and Place”, prepared and presented by writer Mukhtar Khawaja and organized by writer Hamad Al-Tamimi.

The episode touched on several important axes, most notably the building of the main character in the story, the types of characters and their characteristics, and the place and time of the story. With this episode, the “Race Your Dreams with Hamad” program continues to enhance and develop the skills of young writers, as the program targets writing training and the desire to develop the talents of these writers.

The episode started by talking about the characters. Khawaja explained that the characters are the makers of the story, they are affected, influence and interact, because the importance of the character comes from creating and developing events, interacting with events, they are the bearers of the message and the meaning of the story, and they are the ones who sympathize with the reader, and sometimes interact to the point of reincarnation.

The program moved to another point, which is the reader and the characters of the story, and it touched upon the reasons for the reader’s interaction with the characters, and the first of those reasons is the similarity. Some of the characters may be similar to the readers, either in experience, affiliations, ideas, or needs, and secondly, the new astonishment. The events and their role attract the reader because they reveal their inner features. As for the fourth reason, it is represented in the emotional emotion, as it was mentioned that the character’s exposure to difficult and critical situations attracts our sympathy with her.

The episode also touched on the personality in terms of its types and traits, and the personality is divided into three sections, they are first: the main characters, and they are related to the events of the story and affect them, and their presence in the events is great, and the character may be the narrator, in the case of the narrator with the first person, secondly: the secondary characters They rotate and are influenced by the main characters, and their presence is not always or fixed in all events, but thirdly and finally, they are the general features, and they are divided into two parts: the external features, which include the physical body, clothes, and the external features, which include general impressions, qualities and morals.

At the end of the episode, some examples of stories that talk about time, place, characters and construction methods in the story were read and reviewed.