“Qatari Success” Festival reviews the march of young writers

27 August, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors participated in the activities of the fourth edition of “Qatari Success” festival, which will be held this year as part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, with the “Me and My Book” event.

Hanan Al-Yafei, hosted two young writers, Omar Al-Meir and Intisar Al-Saif, to talk about their experiences in writing, their most important publications, their aspirations and the messages they want to convey through their work, also to talk about the challenges and difficulties that each of them faces.

At the beginning of the event, Al-Meir revealed that he aspires for his writings to be an alternative voice to the public, pointing out that he was influenced by his first novel, “Meeting Strangers,” published in 2017, at the Russian School, while his other novel, “My Lost Half,” published in 2018, was a qualitative leap to get out of the Russian influence and enter into the social dialogue in line with all the aspirations of the readers, followed by his third novel, “The Fire Season,” which came out to the masses in 2019.

For her part, the writer Intisar Al-Seif explained that every book has its impact and imprint on the soul, even the thoughts that did not come out to the readers keep trying to get out and appear, pointing out that her story collection “Dreams of Amena” remains the closest to her heart, as it includes a group of diverse stories, but her main story It included an inspiring personality that every Qatari male and female would be proud of.

Al-Seef added that since January 2018, she has been writing a weekly article in Al-Raya newspaper, “Taranim Qalam”, which is psychological thoughts about cultural and literary life,” noting to a novel published by her in 2019 entitled “The Last Diving Journey”, along with a theatrical text within the book” Theatrical texts” issued by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in 2015.