Qatari Forum for Authors relive memories of Qatari women in Ramadan

30 April, 2021

The Qatari Forum for Authors continued its activities during the holy month of Ramadan through the program (Suhoor with an Author) on Youtube, which presented by the history researcher Dr. Ali Afifi Ali Ghazi.

The new episode which entitled “Qatari Women in Ramadan”, hosted Shams Al-Qasabi, famous for “Al-Shamous”, the first Qatari merchant, and the first Qatari woman who opened a spice store and run a restaurant. She also published two books, the first entitled “Alef Ya Shumos”, the second is “Banquet of Suns”.

Al-Qasabi talked about the memories of Ramadan in the past and she recalled many memories and stories related to the holy month, and the atmospheres and spiritualties. In the beginning of the episode, Al-Qasabi began her talk about Ramadan in the past, by referring to the woman’s preparations for this holy month. She said: “The woman used to clean the house, grain grinding, in addition to brown lemons and spices, also they prepared the clothes for girls and boys, and the matters related to Qariq’an, whether by machine or by hand.

She added: “At the beginning of Ramadan, the woman used to cook and distribute food to the neighbors in Al Freej, about an hour and a half before the call to prayer, and that was during the entire days of the holy month, passing by the night of the Qariq’an in the middle of the month, in which the children adorned themselves and were waiting for the gifts from everyone, so we would go out in the Furjan and there was no lighting like we see everywhere today. In addition many children were afraid of this darkness, but we used to overcome these matters a lot by being a large group encouraging each other, and continuing our journey, our night and our joy”.

Al-Qasabi continued that the old atmosphere was more beautiful than the current atmosphere, with regard to Qariq’an , so the atmosphere was distinguished by its distinctive taste and beautiful taste, for example, at that time there were no bells for houses, so we used pebbles, and we hit one in the other to let the sound out, and we ask for gifts from relatives and neighbors, and they would go out and give us in the plates or in the hands. She said: “The woman was preparing to make bags, and all matters related to celebrations, and that henna is an important and necessary ritual that is necessary in the Qariq’an and Eid, and the henna was a crescent or star or lines on the fingers that we used to call“ Qahfiyeh”.

Regarding to Al-Ghabga, she said that the main food in this event is the reddish, in addition to meat or fish, it is very necessary, after that the particpants sit down for talking, and having coffee.
Al-Qasabi pointed out that the boys and girls used to play during Ramadan nights. She said: “We used to play many simple games, and we had distinct and beautiful ideas that had a wonderful taste and feeling, which we have not forgotten until now.