Qatari Forum for Authors discusses the features of Al-ahsa Islamic architecture

05 September, 2021

The Qatari Forum for Authors held a new session on Islamic architecture under the title “Islamic Ahsaean Architecture as a Model” presented by architect Abdullah Al-Shayeb as part of the activities of Doha Capital of Islamic Culture 2021.

Al-Shayeb began the session by emphasizing that the navigator of Islamic architecture did not become clear until more than a century after the Muhammadan message had passed due to acculturation with the various previous civilizations, different geographies after the expansion of the spread of Islam.

Al-Shayeb pointed out that Al-Ahsa and the country of two rivers in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, whose geography extends from Basra to Oman, voluntarily entered Islam and that one of its beautiful features described by the Prophet Mohammed, is that the inhabitants of this country are the best of the people of the East. He pointed out that in the Gulf Basin the different civilizations and nationalities converged, thanks to the commercial movement there, intertwined with each other and established a well-defined entity.

About Islamic architecture, he explained that it is about talking about Islamic monuments in eastern Arabia with its various societies, and that researchers in architecture and urbanism believe that this city and the region (this geography and its capital is now Hofuf) was a center for commercial, scientific, political, social, administrative and agricultural production and was an ancient meeting place and market It was known as the Al-Mashqar market and the Hajar market, and it is located in an area with a population of nearly twenty million, in the center of the Kingdom and in the various Gulf countries.

He added that the formation of Islamic architecture requires a deep knowledge of us to know the differences or intertwining between the architecture and other forms of Islamic architecture in the Islamic world.

The architect considered that the declaration of Al-Ahsa as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO declaration in 2018 is a pride and recognition for all Gulf countries due to the intellectual, cultural, historical and demographic intertwining between the Gulf countries.