Qatari Forum for Authors celebrate with the success of “Mind Dialogue” initiative

20 May, 2021


Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Qatari Forum for Authors held the closing session of Book Council, which during it the forum celebrated with the success of “Dialogue of Mind” initiative. Over the past weeks, the initiative hosted a number of young writers to present their ideas, opinions and perceptions on a number of cultural issues.

The session, moderated by Hamad Al Tamimi, Director of Youth Programs at the Forum, witnessed the presence of the researcher and writer Khawla Mortadwi, writer Lina Alali and writer Intisar Al Saif.

In the beginning, the writer Hamad Al-Tamimi expressed his happiness with the success of the experiment. He said that it helped in launching youth’s ideas in an interactive way, during which the youth contested intellectually. Also the initiative provided youth with a platform that enables them to present their ideas, express their opinions as well as develop themselves at the same time.

He stressed that his joining the forum team benefited a lot, as it was focused on goals and the importance of teamwork, as well as providing young people with the opportunity to express themselves and provide advice and guidance to them.

Writer Lina Al-Aali, spoke about her participation in the initiative, expressing her happiness for going through the experience that gained her many capabilities. She indicated that the experience enabled her to develop its tools and through it she knew what she needed to work on developing it.

Al-Aali emphasized that the cultural scene has benefited from the presentation of many important issues of interest to intellectuals in general. About its future projects she expressed the readiness to launch an initiative on youth literature.

For her part, the writer Khawla Mortadwi explained that one of the most important basics that were followed to evaluate the youth participating in the initiative was to put aside the sympathy side completely.

She noted that the work was done according to a methodology that raised the logical arguments formulated by each team while the evaluation was done through the strength of the ideas and their sequence, and the extent to which all members of the team agree on the arguments presented, as well as their capabilities on emotional constancy. She emphasized that this initiative made the participants go a long way great steps of constructive criticism in their careers.

Mortadwi added that everyone benefited from the information contained in the debates despite their contradiction, including the arbitrators, as listening to opposing views, which confirms that this experience was an integrated mental and psychological experience, in which the judgment is made through the circumstances of time and place.

She noted that “Mind Dialogue” is a purely human experience and not a mechanical one. The discussions gave a great dimension to the match between the idea and the written depth. From here it is possible to extrapolate other aspects of the personality of the scenes that sometimes appear by receiving unexpected questions, and the ability to reason is manifested, which gives The opportunity to judge this or that writer by the public and to form a correct and complete mental picture.

In turn, the author, Entsar AlSaif, emphasized that “Mind Dialogue” initiative was a real exercise of the mind, as it allowed the participants to make appropriate arguments to prove what they were convinced of and trained them to follow the path of the mind, following systematic methods. Also it forced the participants to use their minds in a correct way.

She added :” The experience has also benefited us in getting to know an elite of distinguished intellectuals, especially in light of the stopping of the meetings or make in online in light of the current Corona pandemic”.