“Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative holds the 16th session

19 July, 2021

The Qatari Forum for Authors held the 16th session of the “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The event comes within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021, through its official YouTube channel.

The session presented by Mr. Muhammad Al-Shabrawi was devoted to the fourth round of critical speeches, which began with the sermon of Qas bin Saeda Al-Ayadi.

Al-Shabrawi explained that the repetition of the sermon in each session is intended with the aim of emphasizing the so-called sensory intensity, the more I hear the sermon, the more I understand it well, and reflect on it, as well as with the aim that the audience relates to the heritage language, especially if it is the language of the ancestors, and the greats of the language.

Sheikh Shaker Al-Shahwani said, “It is among the ingenuity of the sermon and the orator that he pays attention to the time in which he speaks, and pays attention to the place through which he speaks. We see this clearly in the sermon of Qas bin Saeda, when he said it at a specific time and place”. He recommended the orators nowadays by the necessity of taking into account the time and reality, and the social situation in which people live.

Dr. Rania Mustafa gave a model sermon entitled “Arafa”, and spoke about the reason for its name, its virtues, and she enriched the sermon with times and places.

The second critical sermon was presented by the orator Hafsa Rakrak about the sermon “Arafa”, and she stood at the time of Arafa, and revealed the manifestations of this type of discourse analysis and its aesthetics.

From his part, Khaled Al-Ahmad provided a comprehensive definition and commentary on what was presented by  Muhammad Al-Hafiz.

In the section on the Arabic language and redressing linguistic pitfalls, Professor Muhammad Ali Bahri, evaluated the contestants in the session, and also made some observations.

At the end of the session, Mr. Saleh Ghareeb and Dr. Ahmed Al Janabi, announced the winners of this round. Hafsa Al-Rakrak won the first place, and the second place went to Mohammed Al-Hafiz.