“Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative holds the 14th session

08 July, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors held the 14th session of the “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The event comes within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021.

The initiative witnessed the third round of “Al-Khatib Al-Hafiz”. Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, the expert on the Arabic language and supervisor of the initiative, started the session by emphasizing that this session will deal with spoken travel literature, not read.

The initiative’s language partner, Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, announced the names of the winners. Maryam Al-Subaie won the first place, while the second place went to Al-Khatib Amer Hayel, while the third place went to Hafsa Rekrak, and the third place was repeated, Faisal Al-Hadowi.

The session opened with a sermon by Qas bin Saeda Al-Ayadi, the most famous Arab preacher, delivered by Professor Ahmed Al-Dawdah, one of the founders of Qatar Mirqat of Oratory Initiative.

From his part, Professor Muhammad Al-Shabrawi spoke about the nature of travel literature, in terms of definition, sources and references, and whether there is a return to it in our contemporary world.

He said that the travel literature has a prominent place among the Arabs, so we find that Taha Hussein, Tawfiq Al-Hakim, Abdel Wahab Azzam, Anis Mansour, and others who wrote about travel literature, and these writings have characteristics that distinguish them from other genres of literature, as they are characterized by diversity and comprehensiveness, as the writer He does not write in one field, but he meets many people, and conveys from them many aspects of life.

From her part, the orator Maryam Al-Subaie, one of the orators of the preservation, gave a sermon entitled “Augment of Travel”, during which she enumerated the benefits of travel.  Amer Hayel delivered a sermon entitled “Even in China”, while the orator Muhammad Al-Hafiz delivered a sermon entitled “Flying”, while Hafsa Rakrak gave a sermon entitled “Our Glories are Not Ours”, and the orator Faisal Al-Hadowi concluded it with a sermon entitled “The Journey of a Lifetime”.