“Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” discuss the improvised sermons

27 July, 2021

The Qatari Forum for Authors held the 17th session of the “Qatar Mirqat of Oratory” initiative at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The event comes within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021.

The session was devoted to the fourth round of “Improvised sermons”, presented by Mr. Mohamed Al-Shabrawi.

Al-Shabrawy said in the session that a person cannot improvise unless he is able to collect a linguistic outcome that qualifies and helps him to speak in front of the audience.

From his part, Sheikh Shaker Al-Shahwani delivered a speech entitled “The Ingenuity of Initiation”, in which he said, “The conciliator is the one who selects a topic that touches the reality of people, so any topic that is talked about must be linked to what is happening these days, whether it is a local event or globally”.

After that the improvised sermons were given, where Maryam Al-Subaie gave the first sermon, the second sermon was given by Ayat Hammad, and the third sermon was given by Amer Hayel.

In turn, Hafsa Rekrak presented the “Language Mistakes”, and how to correct them. She mentioned some limited grammatical errors that were received on the tongues of some speakers, and they corrected it.

Finally, Muhammad Al-Khalil announced the results of the session, where Amer Hayel won the first place, while Ayat Hammad won the second place, while Maryam Al-Subaie won the third place.