“Our Stories” session evokes the folk tales of children

24 May, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a special session entitled “Our Stories”, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for Cultural Diversity, and within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The session that moderated by writer Saleh Gharib, hosted the Saudi writer Dr. Ali Al-Drura, the Kuwaiti researcher and writer Bazza Al-Batini, and the journalist Obaid Taher, he is a translator from India, based in Doha.

The session was initiated by the journalist and translator Obaid Taher, who said that the folk stories in the Indian subcontinent is no different from other regions in the world, as this popular habit has ceased to exist and retreated in front of modern inventions and social media.

He called for the use of cartoons to keep pace with the current technical developments, and to employ this cartoon in the preparation of films, in addition to making sure to tell children stories in the vernacular language. He mentioned to the importance of fathers and mothers to play their role in spending as much time as possible with children, to instill in them the habit of listening to the folk tales.

For her part, the researcher and writer Bazza Al-Batini said: She began collecting folk tales in 1983, and from that time on, the process of collecting folktales began through the Folklore Center, until she continued her efforts in Kuwait, which enabled her to documenting the folk tale in Kuwait in classical Arabic, and presenting it in English, French and German languages.

It was also documented in the vernacular local dialect; also it was narrated in many radio and television programs, such as “Beit Al-Hazawi”.

She added : During documenting the folk story, she is keen to use well-known and documented sources, pointing out that she has no objection to adding and modifying, provided that this is consistent with the spirit and content of the story itself.

The Saudi researcher and writer, Dr. Ali Al-Drura, he presented his experience in employing the folk story and establishing it. He said that his journey with heritage, especially collecting the folk tales, extends for about 30 years, specifically with the Folklore Center for the Arab Gulf States in Doha, expressing his happiness with this experience.