New round of “The preservative orator” competition

09 June, 2021


Within the sessions of Qatar’s Marqat for Oratory Initiative, the second round of the preservative orator tours witnessed a strong competition, as four orators competed in this initiative organized by the Qatari Forum for Authors within the framework of the activities of Doha the capital of Islamic culture for the year 2021.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, a linguistic expert and supervisor of the initiative, said at the beginning: “We communicate and elevate performance, communication and the word to express our lives, with Qatar’s Marqat, to enhance the rhetoric that comes to you from the House of Wisdom in the Ministry of Culture and Sports under the supervision of the Qatari Forum for Authors”.

He explained that this session is the tenth, and was devoted to the preservative orator, who prepared a speech directed to talk about daydreams or visions in a dream and expressing the world of the subconscious, and translating it into language, sermon and word.

Al-Janabi pointed out that one of the last writings of the writer Naguib Mahfouz were the dreams in which he recounted more than 150 dreams he had seen, and he has wrote down and published it.

The session began with a traditional sermon by Qas bin Saeda, a poem “O people, listen and be aware” delivered by the journalist Muhammad Abdullah Al-Aqidi. While the journalist, Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, gave a speech in which he stressed that in delivering the memorized speeches it should go directly to the core of the sermon topic, taking into account that the introduction should be short, and the message should be conveyed in one way or another, this message may be a message of persuasion or creativity.

In the context of the strong competition between the orators, Muhammad Al-Hafiz gave a sermon entitled “The Banquet”. Professor Abdullah Al-Khalaf commented on it, and he said that Muhammad Al-Hafiz narrated his dream in a beautiful and interesting way, in which he dived between the past and the present, and he did well in presenting this dream using a correct method and easy words.

While the second orator Ahmed Azab gave a sermon entitled “After 20 years”, Ahmed Hajjam judged it, and he said: “The orator Ahmed Azab tried to narrate a realistic dream, in which he tried to narrate what he seeks to achieve in this life, and he also tried to present the vision he wanted or the dream Which he wanted to achieve over the years”.

The third orator , Samia Al-Saadani, gave a sermon entitled “The Migrants”. This sermon was judged by Professor Fayez Al-Khatib, who in turn confirmed that Samia spoke in a sound and eloquent language, dealing with content related to the core of the topic identified by the organizers of the initiative.

The fourth orator Hussein Attiwi gave a sermon entitled “The Finest Meeting”, this sermon was judged by Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, who confirmed that Atiwi had achieved the general and specific goal of this participation, and also achieved the rhetorical dimension as well, but he exceeded in delivering his sermon more than 4 minutes.

The first place in this round was won by Al-Khatib Muhammad Al-Hafiz, while the second place was won by Samia Al-Saadani, and the third place was withheld due to the time criterion, which is one of the mandatory criteria.