Musician Matar Ali: Qatari Song Festival is a meeting between creativity and public

12 October, 2021


Composer Ali Matar Al-Kuwari confirmed that the Qatari Song Festival is a milestone in that emotional meeting between the creative Qatari art of singing, and the taste of the audience, which is attracted by music and high singing.

He noted that the festival is a step in the right direction, as well as the fact that the event will contribute to creating a new generation of theatrical artistic talents and discovering young talents, whether in singing, writing or composing.

He pointed out that the previous two editions of the festival had achieved remarkable success and had a positive impact on the local art scene.

Regarding his preparations for the festival, he said: “The rehearsals are in full swing in order to prepare for this celebration, through which I will present a group of artworks, most notably the song “Hanit Al Sidra” composed by Matar Ali Al Kuwari, and the words of Abdul Rahim Al Seddiqi and Tayseer Abdullah. It is the song derived from the lyrics of the song of the poet Dr. Marzouq Bashir, and the logo expresses the authentic Qatari environment, which is in line with the slogan of the National Day of the State 2021”.

He added that at a time when the modern Qatari song is witnessing a great development, with the emergence of many distinguished young singing voices recently, it has become necessary to have a strategy to adopt many events similar to the Qatari Song Festival, as we possess the artistic richness that qualifies us to organize festivals that celebrate the popular song and heritage, and the national song, and the art of sound.

It is noted that the previous two editions of the festival witnessed the presentation of 54 songs with the participation of 31 singers and 105 musicians.