Museum of Islamic Art library celebrates the memories of Palestine

28 June, 2021


As part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Library of Museum of Islamic Art will host an exhibition entitled “Beautiful Memories of Palestine” until next September 30. This exhibition constitutes an illustrated journey around Palestine.

The library organizes the exhibition with a collection of its rare books, most of which are issued in European languages ​​and include magazines, stories and travel notes, which reflect the extent of European fascination with Arab world.

The museum also offers a selection of programs including webinars, embroidery workshops, landscape painting and other events.

The exhibition can be viewed online by visiting the library page on the Museum of Islamic Art website. The library is stocked with thousands of books, making it one of the most important libraries dealing with Islamic art in the region.

The library’s collections range from monographs and art references, children’s books, as well as catalogs of exhibitions and art collections, and art periodicals including auction catalogs.

The library of the Museum of Islamic Art has a variety of rare books in both Arabic and English many of them have been digitized, and many of these books have been preserved in a special environment for preservation.

The rare books collection contains some of the oldest books about the history of Islam. It providing a wide range of sources, including manuscripts, diaries, megabooks, illustrated books, and much more. The languages ​​of these texts are Arabic, Latin, French and Persian.