“Mirqat Qatar for Oratory” upgrades writing methods and develops Oratory skills

09 August, 2021

“Mirqat Qatar for Oratory” Initiative, organized by the Qatari Forum for Authors weekly as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, has allocated its nineteenth session to compete among the participants in the fourth round of the “Written Sermon with the aim of improving writing methods, and develops oratory skills”.

In the session moderated by Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, the writer, Hafsa Rekrak, read the heritage sermon of Qas bin Saeda Al-Ayadi. Al-Ayadi is the third female voice to deliver this famous heritage sermon in Al-Mirqat.

Sheikh Shaqar Al-Shahwani stressed the importance of repetition in public speaking, because some people understand the content of the message from the second time, or from repeating it, or perhaps did not hear it well, citing that the Prophet, sometimes repeated the word three times to confirm the message and exhortation. He advised the orator not to tire of repetition, but to be creative and innovative.

In the fourth round of written sermons that were broadcast on the forum’s website on YouTube, Hafsa Rekrak, presented a sermon entitled “The Secret” about how a person can be happy, competed.  Also, Anas Al-Dulaimi gave a sermon from his part. The two sermons were models for including in the text evidence and forearms of Quranic verses, prophetic hadiths, poetic verses, wisdom and Arabic proverbs, and their use in the text.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, the Arabic language expert and supervisor of the initiative, provided an evaluation of the two sermons from a linguistic and grammatical point of view.

During the session, Khaled Al-Ahmad was honored with a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his contributions to the previous Qatar Quarter sessions. It is announced that Hafsa Rekrak won the first place, and Anas Al Dulaimi in the second place.