“Mirqat Qatar for Oratory” holds a session on feelings of joy employing

03 August, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors held the eighteenth session of the “Mirqat Qatar for Oratory”, as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The session revolved around how to express feelings of joy and social values ​​in sermons, as it hosted a number of specialists in the field of rhetoric to talk about these feelings and how to employ them orally, inspired by Al-Adha Eid, and its atmosphere that carried of joy and happiness for all.

Dr. Ismail al-Kubaisi, a professor at Qatar University, said: The occasion of Al-Adha Eid showed people to rejoice in goodness, and this was evident in the general appearance by exchanging congratulations, visits and meetings, and strengthening ties between everyone, and this is what the Islamic message aims at, which is to achieve social cohesion.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, the linguist and supervisor of the Mirqat Qatar Initiative, promised to study the proposal to allocate a practical paragraph for humorous sermons, after consulting the matter and discussing it with the members of Mirqat Qatar.

Sheikh Shaqr al-Shahwani, one of the arbitrators of the Mirqat Qatar, said that the Arab and Islamic heritage is replete with many sermons that bring smiles and cheerfulness, and therefore it is possible to access it with different types of sermons.

He poined to the types of these sermons, which are sermons of humor, stressing that there are many evidences from the Noble Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah that the sermon can use to enhance the subject of the sermon.