Ministry of Culture presents a program full of activities at “Qatari Success” Festival

26 August, 2021


The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced a program full of various events and activities within “Qatari Success” festival, which is scheduled to launch tomorrow in its fourth edition at the Qatar National Convention Center, as part of the Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports is the ministerial partner of the celebration, which aims to present the most successful Qatari experiences of influential and distinguished people in all fields.

On this occasion, Mrs. Aisha Al Mahmoud, Director of Public Relations and Communication at Ministry of Culture and Sports, said: “The participation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports this year comes within the framework of its constant keenness to support major youth events that are held on the territory of Qatar, which witness a remarkable turnout from Qatari youth”.

She explained that The Ministry is participating in many special activities in the celebration of “Qatari Success”, which is scheduled to launch its fourth edition tomorrow and will last for 3 days under the slogan “Yesterday’s dream is today’s reality.”

She noted that the Department of Youth Affairs will seize this opportunity to launch a number of questionnaires for the preparation of a national youth policy among the youth audience participating in “Qatari success”, and the department will also hold open discussions with young people on a number of issues of interest to young people, they will have the opportunity to present their ideas and express their opinions.

On the other hand, the Department of Culture will present a number of distinguished events through the Qatari Forum for Authors, by presenting many important topics and discussing a number of different cultural issues, and the Music Affairs Center will present artistic activities based on partnership with young people in an interactive manner.

The schedule of events presented by the Ministry of Culture and Sports during this festival includes many activities and dialogue sessions about many topics, including: The Youth Stories event organized by the Department of Youth Affairs, which is an event that hosts a number of young people to tell their stories and inspire them with ideas that will change their lives for the better. This event is held on a daily basis throughout the festival days.

The Qatari Forum for Authors, during the fourth edition of the “Qatari Success” festival, is keen to celebrate the successes, achievements and contributions of young writers in the cultural field.

The participation of the Qatari Forum for Authors during this festival is represented in the activities “Me and My Book” and “Dialogue of Generations”, noting that the “Me and My Book” event is a daily segment during which young writers are hosted, to talk about their writing experiences, their most important publications and their aspirations.

As for the “Generational Dialogue”, it is a segment run by Hossa Al-Suwaidi, at the branch of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, during which writers in the same field from two different generations are hosted.

Music Affairs Center also offers a number of events to the public within the center’s program that it has been presenting for some time under the slogan “Music in Everywhere”. During these musical events, young people will have the opportunity to try different musical instruments for themselves.