“Marqat Qatar” holds a tour for “Al-Khatib Al-Hafiz” within the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World

14 April, 2021

The “Marqat Qatar for Rhetoric” initiative held weekly by the Qatari Forum for Authors, as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, dedicated a tour to Al-Khatib Al-Hafiz. In fact, the participants competed by presenting sermons that had been prepared and learnt by heart in advance.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, the linguistic expert and supervisor of the initiative, said in his remarks that the selection of the subject for the sermon learnt by heart is entitled: “Who am I” to allow the rhetoricians to talk about themselves. In fact, “Marqat of Qatar” relies on this type of rhetoric, which is based on a witness from Tarafa Bin Al-Abd in his suspended ode: Idha alqawmu qalu man fata khilatu anni*onitu falam ‘aksal walam ‘atabalad

He pointed out that each sermon should include its basic elements; an introduction, presentation and conclusion, and each rhetorician was limited to only three minutes. Indeed, the session witnessed a reading of the sermon of Tarafa Bin Saad, the most famous rhetorician of Arabs before Islam, in the context of reviving historical sermons.

For his part, the writer Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, the co-supervisor of “Marqat Qatar” Initiative, stressed that it is importance for the rhetorician to be able to combine memorization, especially for the texts and places of inference from Quran verses, prophetic hadiths, poetry verses, sermons and prose words, with conscious awareness and understanding in order not to stammer when exposed to forgetfulness. He also stressed that the Arabs have been concerned with memorization and understanding, representing many published verses of poetry and wisdom as arguments.

The competed rhetoricians are Ahmed Al-Sai, Maryam Al-Subaie, Rashid Yusuf, and Ahmed Azab. Each of the mentioned competitors spoke about themselves and their most important life accomplishments in interesting language styles. The judges, who are the writers Salman Al-Sheikh, Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, Jihad Jaradat and Khaled Al-Ahmad, announced the win of Ahmed Assai and Maryam Al-Subaie.

Dr. Muhammad Khaled Jaber also provided evaluation, guidance and correction of linguistic errors and the articulation of sound.

In a related context, the Qatari Forum for Authors held the fourth session of the “They are Writers and Leaders” initiative, during which the forum hosted Mrs. Mona Fadel Al-Sulaiti, Executive Director of the Volunteering and Local Development Sector at the Qatar Red Crescent. Dr. Buthaina Al-Ansari, the supervisor of the initiative, interviewed her talking about the challenges and opportunities that women leaders in Qatari society have acquired.

Al-Sulaiti talked about her experience in the fields of studies, development and volunteering, stressing that the achievements of Qatari women in various leadership fields are due to the real support directed by the wise leadership, who believes in the role of women in society.