Rashid Al-Rahimi: 6000 participations in Challenge and Innovation Forum from 30 countries

11 October, 2021

Engineer Rashid Al-Rahimi, Executive Director of Qatar Scientific Club, revealed that 6000 participations were received in the Challenge and Innovation Forum during the period from 6 to 11 November, as part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

He noted that among this there are 1,000 people meet the conditions and standards, and they have patents and innovative projects, but there is also an administrative and technical screening stage.

He stressed that among them there are 450 participants who have passed the administrative aspect, and they are subjected to the technical screening stage, which includes filtering about the best participating inventions, the importance of the invention and the idea and how it benefits society and humanity.

He added that the Challenge and Innovation Forum held with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with follow-up and interest From His Excellency the Minister, and more than 30 countries from most countries of the world will participate in it, and the best 100 inventions will be selected from them, and they are the target number, who will be received in Doha as part of the forum’s activities.

Al-Rahimi indicated that the idea of ​​the competition depends on the participation of all the innovators who have been accepted which will be held during the last two days of the event at the headquarters of the Scientific Club.

He pointed out that they have well-equipped workshops that have been equipped with all equipment, engineers and expertise, so that they are supervisors, which contributes to helping the contestants finish their projects without any obstacles.

He said that 20 adult inventors from Qatar will participate in their inventions, all of whom have obtained a patent, and are eligible to participate in the individual competition and the hackathon, as 30 participants have submitted, but some do not have a patent or a complete innovative project, but they will be given the opportunity for upcoming participation, in addition to the participation of 20 promising innovators from the young category.

He added that the state has developed a strategic plan for science, research and innovation development, and from this aspect we sought to make the forum consist of two basic competitions, for the future generation and promising innovators, who are under 18 years old.