Khaled Al-Salem: The Qatari Song Festival is an opportunity for competition

11 October, 2021


Khaled Al-Salem, Director of Music Affairs Center and General Coordinator of Qatari Song Festival, stressed the importance of Qatari Song Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports represented by Music Affairs Center.

He explained that the festival is not considered an event for the song only, but rather an integrated cultural event, praising the ministry’s role in supporting the Qatari singer and all the elements of the song as well as the great support for all creators in Qatar.

Mr. Khaled Al-Salem said that this festival was organized with the aim of supporting Qatari creators who have a footprint in the Qatari song, regardless of whether they are singers, poets, composers, musicians and other elements participating in the song industry, hence the idea of ​​holding the festival to include all these elements in one place and an effective one extended.

He added: “The festival is more of a cultural event than a lyrical or musical event, because we offer the word, melody, rapture and creativity, and therefore it is a cultural festival in every sense of the word, and the festival is a platform for those creators who needed to appear and show their creativity to the audience from During a big event that befits them and what they present”.

He said: “We seek to support singers and creators in all ways and possibilities, and the festival is a real opportunity for all, especially the younger generations, for whom this event is an outlet for them as it is for the current singers, but for the rising youth it is a great opportunity for them to invest their talents, express themselves and embody their creativity on the ground through this platform and the important event that enjoys a large media follow-up on screens, radio stations, newspapers and all media”.

Al-Salem indicated that the rehearsals began on time with the participation of the maestro and musicians and continued in the hotel for three days, and from today the rehearsals will move to the Qatar National Theater, before the start of the festival on October 14, and over three nights, praising the support of His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports in supporting culture and art in Qatar and his keenness for artists to participate in such meetings and his willingness to stress the need to commit to presenting a festival worthy of the Qatari song, and that the festival is moving in the right direction, which is what we saw in the artists’ interaction during the rehearsals.