Katara launched a competition in love of Prophet Mohamed

29 April, 2021

Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) has launched a Mobile App Ideas Competition in love of Prophet Mohamed.

Katara’s launch of the Ideas competition for mobile applications comes to choose the best ideas for these applications that have not been previously presented in the application stores, and to choose the best language that fits the idea of ​​the application that will be chosen from among the Arabic, English and French languages, provided that the last date for delivery is May 29th.

Katara through its official account on “Twitter”, defined the conditions for participating in the competition by submitting a report explaining the idea of ​​the application, of no less than two pages, and no more than 4 pages, provided that the idea is new, and not previously presented in the application stores.

The participation in that competition was made available to everyone inside or outside Qatar. If two ideas submitted are similar, the winning idea will be the first, and the name of the idea owner will be placed on the application information page.

The competition also allow to the participant to compete with more than one idea in the same field, provided that Katara Publishing House has the right to implement the winning participations, and the contestant’s submission of his participation is considered a final approval to implement it in the case of winning.

Competition prizes

Katara has set prizes for the winners of the competition. The first winner will receive a prize of $ 3,000, while the second winner will receive 2000 dollars, and the third one will receive $ 1,000.

This competition aims to encourage the talented and innovative young people to keep pace with knowledge economies, to prepare a generation capable of entering into projects to serve religion and society, and to reduce the applications imported or implemented by foreign companies.

Also, within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, Katara launched few days ago the Arab Poetry Prize, whose theme will be the Mothers of the Believers. The award opened the first topics of its sessions by talking about Khadija bint Khuwailid, the first spouse of Prophet Mohamed.