Katara announces the winners of the short story competition

04 July, 2021


The Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” announced the winner’s names of “Katara Short Story” competition, which was launched as part of the activities of Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021, and as a continuation of the short story competitions that Katara used to launch annually in Ramadan month.
The Sudanese contestant, Muhammad Ismail, won the first place, for his story entitled “The Brothers of Yusuf,” and he won a financial prize of 15,000 Qatari riyals.
The Syrian contestant Suzan Ibrahim Al-Saabi won second place, for her story “Away from the Balcony,” which won a prize of 12,000 Qatari riyals. In third place was the Iranian contestant, Ahmad Abdul-Imam Jabri, for his story “Dwart” and won a prize of 10 thousand Qatari riyals.
The Cultural Village Foundation had launched the Short Story Competition 2021 during the period from the beginning of last Ramadan until the end of the holy month, and identified the topic of “Relatives and Wombs” to be a main focus around which the stories participating in the competition revolve, given the great importance that Islam attached to the relationship of kinship and charity to relatives.
For the first time, the field was opened for participation in this competition from outside Qatar, where the number of participants reached about 438 contestants.
Katara Short Story Competition allowed writers of both sexes to participate without age restrictions, provided that the contestant has the right to participate in only one story, and the conditions included that Katara Publishing has the right to publish the winning entries in the competition, where the writer sends the story Final approval to be published in case of winning.
It is noteworthy that the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” has launched a package of competitions during the last period within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, and valuable prizes were allocated for it.