Katara announces the winners of Arab Poetry Prize

02 August, 2021


The Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” announced the names of the winners of the first 3 places in the Katara Prize for Arabic Poetry (Mothers of the Believers), which was launched during last Ramadan at the initiative of the Qatari Women’s Pen Forum, as part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The first prize (60,000 Qatari riyals), was won by Alaa Ahmed Al-Sayed Abdul Rahim from Egypt for his poem “As the two seas meets”. The second prize (40,000 riyals) was won by Ibrahim Issa Al-Aslami from Yemen for his poem “The First Palm.” The third prize (20,000 riyals) was won by Muhammad Khouiti from Morocco on his poem “The Cave of Prophecy”.

The number of participants in the prize reached 550, in which Egypt and Sudan topped the list with 207, followed by Sham area and Iraq with 151 participations. The third place was the participation from the Arab Maghreb countries, which numbered 113, while the number of participations from the Arab Gulf countries reached to 77 participants and from non-Arab countries about 10 posts.

The Katara Prize for Arabic Poetry, “Mothers of the Believers” is scheduled to be organized annually, provided that in each of its sessions, a personality of the mothers of the believers, or a topic in their virtues or effects, will be predetermined by those in charge of the prize.

The prize was launched in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Arts (ALECSO), and aims to enhance the status of the House of Prophethood, especially the mothers of the believers in the memory of future generations, to confirm their status, as well as to clarify the impact of the mothers of the believers in the way of faith advocacy and the formation of the personality of women in society.