“Islamic Creativity Camp” launches its activities

21 June, 2021


The activities of the “Islamic Creativity Camp”, organized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, were launched from June 20 to July 15, as part of the activities of Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021.
Studio 5/6 (belonging to the Ministry of Transport and Communications) presents online workshop series in the fields of fashion, traditions, heritage, sports and accessories, each for a period of 5 days, ending with a final project for young men and women between the ages of 7 to 18 years divided into 3 age groups.
The workshops aim to present Islamic art in a manner commensurate with modern technologies, and to revive the Islamic civilization through modern technologies, scientific contributions in arts and coordination, and the designs inspired by Islamic culture.
The first workshop will be held under the title “Islamic Fashion”, where young men and women will learn about traditional Islamic fashion through an enjoyable educational experience.
The second workshop will be entitled “Islamic Traditions”, while the third workshop will be held under the title “Arab Sports Heritage”. The fourth workshop will be held under the title “Islamic Accessories”.
During these educational workshops, the participants will be introduced to the concept of augmented reality and digital fashion by developing an augmented reality project using “Unity” program and 3D scanning technology. Also, the young men and women will design and program an application inspired by Islamic designs.