ISESCO official: Doha is a cultural jewel in Islamic world

14 May, 2021


The general coordinator of the celebration of “Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021” at Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “ISESCO” Dr. Najeeb Al-Ghayati, affirmed the organization’s pride in holding the events of “Doha the capital of culture in the Islamic world throughout the year 2021”, considering that Doha is a cultural jewel par excellence.

During the program “360 wayak” within Eid Al-Fitr days presented by “Doha 360” through its various digital platforms,  Al-Ghaiati  said that all the activities are distinguished”, noting that the selection of Doha as the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021 was done according to specific criteria set by the organization, and after the Qatari capital responded to all these criteria with distinction due to the city’s distinct cultural diversity, which makes it as the capital of culture in the Islamic world.

He praised the establishment of “Qatar – US General Cultural Program” this year, which serves the overarching goal pursued by the organization, which is to promote dialogue and support cultural diversity among countries.

Al-Ghayati also valued the organizing of all events in terms of number and quality, which makes Doha at the forefront of capitals that have hosted such events. He added : “We commend with these activities that are in line with the objectives of  ISESCO organization”.

He also pointed out that the organization’s capitals program of culture in the Islamic world was approved in Doha nearly 20 years ago. The organization performs this program in an annual celebration in three Islamic capitals in three geographical regions representing Africa, Asia and the Arab world.

Regarding to the support provided by ISESCO to the countries hosting the activities of the Capitals of Culture program in the Islamic world 2021, Al-Ghayati explained that a cultural program aims to introduce the celebrated capital, in addition to providing cultural and artistic events that enhance cultural diversity in the country celebrating its capital.

He mentioned:” When the celebrated city is chosen as the capital of culture in the Islamic world, the organization provide technical assistance to it, as well as support it with regard to the preparations that precede the celebration at least a year, and to coordinate with it in all arrangements such as the symbolism, high committee for the celebration, and for the celebration to have a group of partners”.

About the activities carried out by the organization in supporting Jerusalem, the General Coordinator of the celebration of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021 at ISESCO said :” we are following what is going on in Jerusalem through the windows of the institution, and we have a stable unit, in the name of the Holy Jerusalem Unit, Every year, a set of educational and cultural activities are put in place, and we have a committee of experts that monitors the excavations that are being conducted around the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Israeli occupation authorities, all with the aim of protecting the Islamic heritage in Jerusalem, and also we cooperate in this with the Palestinian National Committee”.

From her part, Mrs. Maryam Al-Ali, a member of the Cultural and Artistic Committee at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said that the preparations of the events of Doha, the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, are very good. She mentioned to that the importance of hosting the activities in the cultural monuments and cultural heritage sites that Qatar hosts, in addition to it includes tourist patterns.

Regarding the preparations that preceded the activities of Doha, the capital of culture in the Islamic world, Al-Ali stated that “it were being carried out in full swing, in cooperation with the partners, to establish activities that reflect cultural diversity and openness to other cultures, to present the true image of Islamic culture with all its values”.