Intellectuals: The joining of Qatari archaeological sites to ISESCO is an important success

20 September, 2021

The joining of “Al-Rakiyat Fort”, “Barzan Towers” and “Al-Khulaifi House” to the list of “ISESCO” achieved a great interaction and widespread praise for the efforts made by Qatar Museums to preserve and publicize heritage worldwide, and to enhance Qatar’s position in the world through what it has of the cultural and historical legacy.

The intellectuals stressed that this achievement coincided with the celebrations of Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021, will increase its radiance that calls for pride, and motivates to move forward in order to highlight these efforts to the world.

In this context, His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Minister of State and President of Qatar National Library, said that this achievement by Qatar Museums, with the inclusion of three archaeological sites in the “ISESCO” List is a commendable achievement, and we salute and appreciate the Qatar Museums Authority for its unremitting efforts to highlight the status of Qatar in the world of heritage.

He added that the coincidence of this achievement with Doha being one of the capitals of culture in the Islamic world proves the cultural position of Doha, and indicates the extent to which this is reflected with the initiatives undertaken by our cultural institutions locally and Islamically, and we look forward to this achievement shedding more lights on what our country has from a position in the world of culture and creativity everywhere in the world.

For his part, Mr. Saad bin Mohammed Al-Rumaihi, Chairman of Qatari Press Center, said that the inclusion of any part of this great nation on the World Heritage List or the Islamic Heritage List indicates the richness of our Arab and Islamic nation throughout the ages. These regions were once brimming with many events, visuals, and objects related to that important part of human history.

For his part, Dr. Hafez Ali, President of Msheireb Museums, said: “What has been achieved is an achievement that calls us to be proud of our heritage and the legacy of our ancestors, and motivates us to preserve the Qatari identity, and to highlight the most important landmarks in Qatar for the world to know. The accession of the three sites to ISESCO enhances our awareness of the importance of preserving our heritage and it is pride in our identity”.