Ghanem Shaheen: The Qatari Song Festival produces new voices

12 October, 2021


The artist Ghanem Shaheen confirmed that the Qatari Song Festival will contribute greatly to enriching the artistic movement in Qatar. Shaheen praised the role of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in supporting the Qatari singers through the continuation of this event, noting that this grand celebration contributes greatly to the success of the Qatari singers, and enhances the level and spread of the Qatari song in the region.

He said that the festival contributes to highlighting young talents, gives the opportunity for everyone to participate, stimulates emerging talents, and gives them the opportunity to be among the stars of the song, benefit from them, interact with them, appear in front of the audience, and express their artistic potential as young people. There is also extensive and distinguished media coverage, which is what any emerging artist needs, as the opportunity for him is a dream that awaits him.

He pointed out that the Song Festival is an important event and is the most important and best opportunity for all of us as singers, and it is the golden opportunity for young talents, and the most beautiful in this event is that it produces new voices in each version and presents them to the music scene, which is the most important gain from his point of view. For example, this year we find many new voices, they will have an impressive future, and they are the artist Muhammad Al-Mutawa and the artist Hashem Al-Yafei, for example.

Ghanem Shaheen said that he will participate in the festival for the second time, through the songs “My Heart is Love” and “Liar”, explaining that the artistic gathering in the festival gives the artist more experience and provides the full opportunity for young talents to benefit, adapt and develop themselves.