Evaluation of “The orator reader initiative” on Corona pandemic

15 June, 2021


The Qatar’s Marqat for Oratory Initiative continued the competition between the orators participating in the second round of “The orator reader”, with the aim of improving the spoken Arabic language. This event is held weekly by the Qatari Forum for Authors, as part of the activities of Doha the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, an expert on the Arabic language and supervisor of the initiative, said that the competition in this round among the orators included the rhetorical dimension and the use of verbal enhancements that give the text graphic aesthetics, in addition to including more rhythm so that the orator presents an interesting material devoted to contemporary issues.
The first round was devoted to speeches derived from the heritage, where the topic of competition between orators was chosen about the current health crisis, the Corona pandemic, and how the orator expresses it in a literary manner.
Four contestants participated in the second round of “The orator reader”. The contestant Ahmed Azab participated in a sermon entitled: (After Corona). Muhammad Al-Hafiz participated in the sermon (The Mutated Dictionary), while the contestant Hussein Atiwi participated in the sermon (The Nightmare of the Century), while the contestant Muhammad Al-Aqidi’s sermon was titled (Witness to Corona).
Khaled Al-Ahmad, Abdullah Al-Khalaf, Fadel Al-Humaidan and Rasha Al-Salah participated in the arbitration of the second round. The arbitrators dealt with the aesthetics of the participating sermons in detail while providing many tips and proofreading to improve the sermon, so that the result would be announced with Hussein Atiwi in first place, followed by Muhammad Al-Aqidi in second place, then Muhammad Al-Hafiz in third place.