Doha Youth Center presents a workshop on Islamic decoration

04 July, 2021


Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the Doha Youth Center held a workshop entitled “Artistic Rules of Islamic Decoration” presented by artist Bashir Al-Ansari.

The workshop focused on explaining the concepts of a set of technical rules in the art of Islamic decoration, such as the rule of proportionality, which is the most important artistic and aesthetic rule that depends on the proportionality of the parts and elements of the decoration. It is not restricted to a specific style, but depends on the artist’s artistic taste and creativity.

The artist Al-Ansari showed the characteristics of Islamic decoration, where originality, beauty, perfection, renewal and development are among its most prominent features.

The artist continued his explanation about the types of decorations, such as vegetal, geometric and calligraphic decorations, with a set of artistic drawings for each type, in addition to a set of examples, especially mosques in which the art of decoration appears on the walls with the varying ages and times in which they were painted.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants expressed their thanks to the artist Bashir Al-Ansari for the valuable workshop and the Doha Youth Center for the distinguished workshops he provides.