“Critics and their approaches” initiative hold a new session

28 July, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors held a new session of the “Critics and their approaches” initiative, within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The session reviewed the march of the great Arab critic Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sahrawi in the field of translation and literary criticism, under the title “Contemporary Critical Issues: Between Culture, Philosophy and Translation”.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sahrawi said during the session, which was broadcast on the Qatari Forum for Authors channel, that his critical career was normal and that he sought at the beginning of his academic career to achieve various critical achievements.

He added that he was keen to study regional issues, and understood many of the new university programs with a strong focus in relation to semiotics and structuralism.

He pointed out that they were scheduled to read the studies and productions of senior professors in the field of literary criticism globally, and that the narrative propositions presented by these professors, came in their entirety beautiful and interesting, and different from the criticism he wrote before.

He touched on the addressed critical issues through the book “Analysis of Literary Discourse”, according to which he obtained “Uwidat” leading to the book “The Old Arab Narrative”, explaining that the first book contained the opinions of various theorists about events, ideas and mechanisms related to application to the literary text and analysis together.

Al-Sahrawi continued: ” I found myself quoting the views of theorists, and I did not limit them to a specific direction, and I wanted the book to be a comprehensive analysis, while on the other hand, I was fascinated when I read the book “The Arab Narrative” and other sayings”.

He added :” I tried to research the Arab narrative, and its role in ancient Arab life in its various aspects, and I used the Arab spoken format in the research aspect, and I see that the book falls within the framework of cultural studies”.