“Challenge and Innovation Forum” next November

11 July, 2021


The Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by Qatar Scientific Club, is organizing the Challenge and Innovation Forum under the slogan “With the mind, we solve the knots” during the period from 6 to 11 November 2021, as part of the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The slogan of the scientific competition (With the mind, we solve the knots) confirms that mankind has known the various sciences since ancient times. Books conveyed to us what the ancient Greeks wrote and what they presented in the field of sciences such as Archimedes, Euclid, Pythagoras and others. The ancient monuments showed us what the sciences of the Romans, India and Persia had contributed to.

When Islam came, it announced a new civilized cycle that gave science its privileged position, and opened avenues of discovery and creativity with thought and insight, as the verses of the Noble Quran called for reading, science, and realization of the mind.

The forum’s slogan confirms that Islam unleashed the faculties of creativity and innovation in human beings, and Islamic history throughout its various eras witnessed a scientific renaissance, so universities and libraries were built and medical, scientific, engineering and philosophical books were written, until Muslim scholars had a contribution and a virtue to human civilization.

No one denies the merit of Al-Khwarizmi, who established the four arithmetic operations and the algebraic system, and humanity cannot forget the attempts of Abbas Ibn Firnas in flying, he inspired scholars, or reflect on the time without mentioning the merit of the wondrous hour given by the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid in the second century AH (ninth century) about the year 807) to Charlemagne.

The slogan reflects that to the extent that human civilization has benefited from the contribution of Muslim scholars, construction and innovation have continued as civilizations interact with each other and science is nourished by the experiences of all people of different tongues and cultures. Through the accumulation of knowledge, man has been able to achieve many scientific revolutions that have changed lifestyles and laid the foundations for progress in many areas, as science has a direct impact on human life.

In this context, the scientific competition (With the mind we solve the knots) comes in response to the aspirations of young people in the world to have a prominent role in the field of innovation and invention.

The Challenge and Innovation Forum, which is unique in the region, includes a number of competitions, events and interactive scientific programs that aim to motivate and encourage all segments of the Qatari and international community from the youth category to participate in this huge event, based on the fact that peoples and nations always bet on the youth as Inspiring social progress and a fertile resource for innovative ideas in all fields.

It will also include the presentation of projects that reflect the role of research, development, science and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy that supports the achievement of (Qatar Vision 2030). On the participation and achievements of young people, the event will include two main competitions (innovations / hackathons) to be held over a week with international participation, in addition to offering individual and group competitions to develop the talents and capabilities of young people in the fields of invention, innovation and manufacturing.

The scientific competition (With mind, we solve the knots) comes in response to the aspirations of young people in the world to have a prominent role in the field of innovation and invention.

The scientific competition seeks to motivate young innovators and inventors to find solutions to the problems facing their societies and work to facilitate life in them; it also works to spread scientific thought and the continuation of human adventure in the development of knowledge and building the future of human civilization.

The organization and continuity of this event periodically as a diverse and comprehensive festival of the latest developments in the field of science and technology, enhances the position of Qatar and its role in supporting and empowering creative and innovative youth at the regional and international levels.

The organizing committee of the forum has set general terms and conditions for participation, which are that the age group is 18 years and over of both sexes, that the participant has a scientific background, that the participant must pass the criteria and conditions for participation in competitions, that the participant adhere to the controls and procedures for the event approved by the organizing committee and attend the exhibition assigned to the competition.

The Scientific Club has established a mechanism for registration and participation in competitions through the website of Qatar Scientific Club, within the specified date and before closing the registration for the event.

Registration for the competition began on July 7, and continues until August 30, through the event’s website: cif.qa

The screening of applications and the selection of qualified participants will begin in early September, and the final list of participants will be approved and announced on September 15, and delegations will be received on November 5, 2021, and individual innovations will be prepared in the dedicated exhibition on November 6, and the opening ceremony will be November 7.

The innovation competition will be held from November 6-8, 2021, while the hackathon will be held from November 9-10, 2021, with the closing ceremony and announcing the winners in November.

The jury relies on the international technical standards for competitions, where the jury evaluates the performance of the teams as well as the participants in general in terms of their ability to manage the tasks related to all teams and achieve the goals, then it sorts and arranges the candidates to win and then sends the names of the winners to the technical committee for approval.

Platinum Medal (1st prize): from 91 points to 100 points, Gold Medal: from 80 points to 90 points, Silver Medal: from 61 points to 79 points, Bronze Medal: from 40 points to 60 points.

In the innovation competition, projects will be distributed according to classification and evaluation according to the approved criteria, so that participants will receive medals (Platinum – Gold – Silver – Bronze) for each category based on the participating categories, and financial prizes will be distributed to the first winners (1-10). As for the hackathon competition, the first group will be honored (6 – 10 groups as a maximum).