Challenge and Innovation Forum is an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills

02 August, 2021


The Ministry of Culture and Sports is keen to organize many events that contribute to the development of innovative and creative skills among Qatari youth, which bring together many participants to exchange ideas and visions among them, which is beneficial to the participants.

Last month, the Ministry organized the Challenge and Innovation Forum under the slogan “With Mind we solve the knots” during the period from 6 to 11 November, as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

The Challenge and Innovation Forum, which is unique in the region, includes a number of competitions, events and interactive scientific programs that aim to motivate and encourage all segments of the Qatari and international community of youth to participate in this huge event.

Regarding to the positives and benefits that will accrue to Qatari youth from holding this forum, Mr. Ghanem Al-Kuwari said that it is necessary to hold such forums more than once a year in order to introduce youth activities in general, as it is a vast area for exchanging experiences among them, especially if the event brings together young people from several countries.

The forum will come back positively to Qatari youth. So it is a good opportunity to gain scientific expertise for all Qatari youth interested in the field of innovations and inventions, as it is an opportunity to exchange discussions, ideas, knowledge and experiences, of course, all in the interest of preparing these young people and qualify them well in order to contribute in the development of the country.

Sheikh Ali bin Salman Al Thani invited young people to interact and join various youth activities and programs that contribute to refining their skills and empowering them to contribute to building this dear country, pointing out that the Innovation Challenge Forum organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports is a real opportunity for youth participation, and to achieve the greatest possible benefit for them, since all participants exchange their ideas, experiences and expertise, which will benefit everyone.

Sheikh Ali bin Salman explained that the ministry’s thinking to establish a scientific forum like this is the best evidence that there is a real desire to support talented innovators and lovers of this scientific field, and this naturally benefits our country because these young people will participate in the renaissance of Qatar.

Saleh Al-Abdullah said that the great benefit from these forums is that they contribute to the development of youth skills, develop their ideas and innovations, and transform them from just an idea into a project, as well as helping them to learn about developments in the field of innovation, technology and technologies on an ongoing basis.

He added that these events also motivate young people to participate in the upcoming forums, which are positively reflected on them, in addition to instilling in them the spirit of competition and the pursuit of scientific, cultural and even social achievements in order to build a promising future of the youth and also contributes significantly in self-development, which in turn is reflected in the actions of Qatari youth in their societies.