Artists: “Doha, Capital of Culture” is an opportunity to present purposeful and upscale singing works”

20 April, 2021

Doha – Al-Sharq

A number of artists confirmed that the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, will be an opportunity to present sublime artistic works, reflecting the cultural and artistic stock that Doha owns, as well as reflecting the number of artists and the rising artistic generation that the scene in Qatar enjoys. The richness of the artistic scene in Qatar has proven its worth to present purposeful and classy lyricism.

They said that local art is able to present performances that touch conscience, express the issues of the nation, and at the same time improve the art appreciation of the public throughout the Arab and the Islamic world. The artists stressing that Doha is able to organize events at a high level, as it used to organize special events like Doha, Arab Capital of Culture 2010. Noting that holding such events reflects the great cultural and artistic status that Doha deserves, which enables it to enhance the importance and value of purposeful arts in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Ali Abdul Sattar: The events are an additional credit to Qatar’s artistic contribution

Ali Abdul Sattar says that Doha’s hosting of Islamic culture events 2021 reflects the great cultural and artistic standing of Doha, which made it gain the confidence of the “ISESCO” organization, and choosing Doha for this great event, “which we are happy and proud of, and it is an additional asset in the process of artistic and cultural contribution of the State of Qatar.”

He continues: The State of Qatar, with all its artistic and cultural infrastructure, is qualified to organize major events in this way, and that is why the event of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, is a reflection of the artistic and cultural movement in the country. The Qatari artist has stressed that “Qatar has often achieved remarkable success in organizing similar major events, which made it achieve positive repercussions in various circles.”

Ali Abdul Sattar expresses his hope that the Qatari artist will be present at such events, “so that Islamic countries will get acquainted with the Qatari artistic creations, with all the depth of lyrics and sweetness in the music that the local song carries, together with a refined performance, which are available elements in the Qatari song. This is evidenced by the organization of the night of the Qatari song in its first and second editions, in which the local songs recorded its remarkable presence, and at the same time strengthened the status of the Qatari song, which enhances its presence in the Arab and Islamic countries.

He points out that the Qatari art has a great responsibility in presenting purposeful singing performances that rise to the level of that great cultural event in the Islamic world, and we are confident that Qatari art is able to achieve that and express the issues of the nation with performances that touch conscience, and raise the artistic taste of the audience.”

Nasser Sahim: Doha has a prominent artistic status

Nasser Sahim affirms that holding the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, is important, and he explains that as “it will make Qatar a destination for art and creativity from various parts of the Islamic world, because of its prominent cultural and artistic position, and this matter will positively reflect such large and important events at the same time, and this is a new achievement by Doha in the field of culture and arts.”

Nasser Sahim points out that the State of Qatar, just as it has succeeded in organizing many important events internally and externally, is able to organize the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World in a distinctive way, “because of its characteristics that make it worthy of this organization, especially it can present through this occasion, sublime artistic performances, including singing performances introduced by the most prominent Qatari artists.”

Artist Ahmed Abdel Rahim expresses his belief that everyone is keen to promote arts in society in general, and specifically purposeful arts in particular, because they have a great role in transmitting the culture of the country to which these arts belong.

The artist Ahmed Abdul Rahim proceeds to emphasize that it is not strange for Doha to present this kind of purposeful arts, during the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, especially that it is used to holds distinguished events, especially those related to culture and arts. Accordingly, Doha’s activities are always keen to achieve distinction, and keep abreast of all the changes that occur in various fields, and consider this a challenge, which it is always able to confront, and this matter is reflected in various fields, especially those related to cultural and artistic fields.

Ali Hussain: Doha deserves to be the capital of culture for life

Artist Ali Hussein says that such events require artistic spaces that include dramatists, musicians and writers and other artists to show their creativity, without limiting their imagination, in order to avoid poor performance. He pointed out that with Doha’s readiness in terms of infrastructure to host the events of Doha, Capital of Islamic Culture 2021, this readiness must also be accompanied by intellectual and creative cultural diversity.

This is explained by the necessity to enhance the talents of students in schools, and to prevent their accumulation, in order to enhance these talents, in a way that works to support their diverse capabilities, and in a manner that does not lead to the absence of school activities that develop students’ talents and nourish their interests, and so that artistic and cultural specialties will not be absent as well at universities, which should play their role in creating artists that enrich the artistic and cultural movement.

He also says that he explicitly mentions artistic disciplines, “Because they are the mirror of our intellectual and cultural reality, which in its absence disappears the content, so that we do not claim culture, and so that we are not empty handed of the meaning of this word.” He called for unifying views between the artists and the concerned institutions, “even if the dispute is a healthy phenomenon, but it should not be invested in directing intellectuals and artists, who have the right to express their artistic works, whether theatrical or musical, which will in turn lead to constructive criticism”.

In this context, as an artist and president of the Student Council at the Community College and a student in theatrical arts (diploma), he calls on the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to support the establishment of an art college to take care of these specializations, “Even if the turnout is small at the beginning, the results after that will be very large, especially since there are a lot of talents who need to polish their skills, and present them to the public in an elegant way, which will reflect the civilization and culture of the country. ”

Ali Hussain stresses that “there is a great way we must all go and its results may not be quick, but it will be an icon after which Qatar deserves to be the capital of culture for life.”

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti: Qatar is registering its presence in organizing major events

Oud player, artist Mohammed Al-Sulaiti expresses his happiness in choosing Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021. He asserted that “this choice is a source of pride in the position that the State of Qatar enjoys in various countries of the world, especially in the Islamic world.” Major events, especially those related to the cultural aspect, as these events were preceded by many others, which Qatar succeeded in organizing, and was an honorable example in organizing and hosting such major events. ”

Artist Muhammad Al-Sulaiti says that holding such events is not new to Doha, as it was previously designated as the capital of Arab culture in 2010, and at that time Doha presented to Arab culture distinct cultural and artistic events, during which Qatar gained the confidence of Arab countries and strengthened its culture, along with Arab culture, of which Qatari culture is an integral part, and this is to be expected with the organization of the activities of Doha, Capital of Islamic Culture 2021.