Ambassador of Tanzania: Doha activities reflect the strong relationship between Qatar and Islamic countries

17 May, 2021

The activities of program “360 ​​Weyak on Eid” have ended with the third and final episode of the program which was filled with competitions that included historical questions. The episode was directed to the audience with other competitions through the site’s account on Instagram. These competitions had a remarkable interaction from the audience.

Within the activities of Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, the last episode of the program, which supervised by Jawaher Al-Badr, Head of the Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, hosted H.E Fatima Muhammad Rajab, Ambassador of Tanzania to Qatar, and her family.

Ambassador Rajab Expressed about her happiness at spending Eid Al-Fitr in Doha, pointing out that the first Eid she spent in Doha was in 2017. She said that the Eid usually witnesses some meetings with members of Tanzanian community in Doha, to enjoy the atmosphere of the event.

About the habits existing in Tanzania during the Eid H.E said: “We celebrate Eid over its three days, during that time the children usually go out to the parks, and the homes prepare dishes for this occasion, in addition to organizing family visits. We have cake plates, which include flowers and some sweets, in addition to some other sweets. Some dishes are influenced by the Arab and Indian cultures, as we have a presence of the two cultures in Tanzania, and therefore there are common dishes that reflect these two cultures in Tanzania”.

About the sights that she prefer to visit in Doha, ambassador Rajab noted that she is pleased to visit the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), in addition to the Museum of Islamic Art, which includes a lot of exhibits, as well as the Al Khor Park, and there are some beaches that are similar to what we have in Dar El Salam. She said that her country has a great tourist destination, as it has many parks, as well as the highest mountain in Africa, and we have many plains, in addition to wild animals, and the historical beaches of Zanzibar.

She praised the events of Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021. She said, “These events reflect the strong relationship between Qatar and the Islamic countries “. She mentioned that the Islam entered Tanzania through the merchants, who came to it from Africa and Asia. We also have Arabs, and we exchange information with them and share ideas together through Islamic culture, as well as the Islam constitute 35% in Tanzania”.

Islamic landmarks

In the second part of program, the historian Dr. Khaled bin Muhammad Al-Buainain, the author of the Encyclopedia “A Thousand Islamic Landmarks”, said that the Encyclopedia took five years, and he sought help from a work team, in searching for information and images and buy Rights, to employ it within the encyclopedia, which included Islamic monuments, most of which are mosques, palaces, minarets and old schools.

He pointed out that he was keen to highlight the Islamic feats, which still exist in the world, and it testify to unique architectural styles of distinctive decorations and carvings, as well as ancient buildings.

About the most prominent Islamic landmarks that stopped him, he said that he started this encyclopedia by talking about four Islamic landmarks: the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Then he moved to the rest of the landmarks, including the list in Turkey, Yemen, Philippines, Iraq, Jordan and Europe.

Regarding to the Islamic landmarks in Qatar, he said that he intends to publish his next encyclopedia on Qatar’s mosques, to introduce these monuments, their history, and their importance, confirming that Qatar is very rich with many old mosques, castles and palaces.