Al-Janabi: The Arabic language needs an application to overcome the digital errors

19 August, 2021


Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, Arabic language expert and supervisor of the “Mirqat Qatar for Oratory” initiative, said that the Mirqat Qatar is one of the initiatives of the Qatari Forum for Authors in the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

He added :” We have passed the 20th session, in which the competitors presented many improvised, critical, memorized and written speeches, and interacted with them. The audience is made up of citizens and residents, including preachers and arbitrators. This course was called the Yearbook of Qas bin Saeda Al-Ayadi, the most famous Arab orator. The orators are currently competing for the final stages to graduate from the improvised orator, the critical orator, the hafiz preacher, and the reader orator”.

Al-Janabi praised the activities of Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world 2021, as it is a year of restricted movement and activity due to the health crisis; however, the events were strongly present from a distance with an open number, and closely with a limited number, and registration and publication are preserved in the means of communication, and this in itself enriches the Arabic content in general.

He mentioned that since the launch of the events there has been clear attention to the Arabic language through programs at the level of Arabic calligraphy Oratory in the classical Arabic language, eloquent poetry, Arab identity, Arab heritage, and attention to the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and the Prophet’s biography, as well as novel, story, translation and other literature, arts and sciences.

Al-Janabi see that it is important to teach the Arabic language to residents, employees and workers of all nationalities, in cooperation with ministries, companies, the public and private sectors, and even homes, because the homes also have a workforce, if more than a million non-Arabic speakers were targeted in Qatar, it would have been an important and distinct language movement, including cultural integration into society, and including the spread of the Arabic language in the world through the residents of Qatar.