Aisha Al-Mannai: Women are active elements in the development process in the State of Qatar

17 March, 2021

His Excellency Dr. Aisha Yousef Al-Mannai, Member of the Arab Parliament and the Shoura Council, affirmed the State of Qatar’s interest in women by making them active and contributing elements in the country’s civilizational development process.

Dr. Aisha delivered these words when being hosted in a dialogue at the beginning of “They are Leaders and Writers” initiative, launched by the Qatari Forum of Authors to highlight the role of leadership women in the State of Qatar. Moreover, Dr. Al-Mannai, reviewed her career and the most important achievements that made her one of the most important and influential figures in the Qatari society, when being interviewed by Dr. Buthaina Al-Ansari, Director of Women and Child Programs at the Forum.

She explained that at the beginning of her career, women’s work was limited to education, so that the number of female teachers exceeds the number of men.

However, thanks to the efforts of the government, women were able to creep into all fields. Indeed, the number of educated and leadership women increased in various ministries, and they were able to highlight their capabilities in serving society.

Dr. Aisha considered that the emphasis on empowering women within the National Vision 2030 is an important step, as the support provided from the state enabled them to advance. Fortunately for Qatari women, the Qatari leadership believed in their capabilities and introduced them in various fields. In fact, this support has not only changed the perception of society towards women but also the prevailing ideas society used to have. Furthermore, Dr. Al Mannai affirmed that the empowerment of women greatly contributes to the development of society and to the advancement of the economy in the country. In the same context, she stressed the need to provide fair and equal opportunities in leadership positions between women and men, with the necessity of a competency requirement.

Dr. Aisha, who is also the director of the Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization at the College of Islamic Studies at Hamad bin Khalifa University, indicated that she has authored a large number of books in the field of her specialization “Doctrine”. She also wrote many essays on various topics within the framework of her participation in multiple occasions. For instance, she spoke about women in the Islamic community and their role in democracy, politics and the media. In the same context, she expressed her happiness and pride in the participation of women in the cultural movement, especially in the field of writing.

Dr. Aisha also spoke about her political contributions as a member of the Shoura Council, considering that the elections are an integral part of democracy and that the presence of four women in the Shoura Council is an important step that brought hope to women.

It is worth noting that this initiative came within the framework of different events; the celebration of “Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021”, the forum’s celebration of International Women’s Day throughout March, and the declaration of “ISESCO” that 2021 is the year of women which took up as a slogan “Women and the Future” and as a title (Raising Awareness of the Role of Women in Making a Sustainable Future). All these events are in line with the efforts of the State of Qatar to empower women and provide an environment that promotes their cultural, social and economic rights.