3 orators compete in the 22nd round of “Mirqat Qatar”

30 August, 2021


The Qatari Forum for Authors held the twenty-second session of the “Mirqat Qatar for Oratory”, as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, with the participation of three orators.

This episode witnessed a strong competition between the three orators in the field of supporting speeches with props and evidence, where the orator comes with verses, hadiths, verses of poetry, stories, wisdom, proverbs or others, with the condition that they be addressed in a literary manner and not in a political manner.

Regarding the competition, Sheikh Shaker Al Shahwani pointed to the importance of the orator’s talk about what touches people’s feelings, their needs and their reality, advising the orators and competitors about the necessity of talking during the sermon about contemporary and current issues and events.

With regard to the humorous speeches, Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi said that Qatar Oratory Center is keen to choose names and terms from the Arab and Islamic heritage, in which orators have excelled in every era and time.

The language professor Khaled Al-Ahmad called for announcing the new term for humorous speeches, which is the smile speech that draws a smile on the recipient’s face, and brings happiness to himself.

In a related context, Dr. Rania Mustafa gave a modern humorous sermon entitled “Punctuality” with the aim of benefiting all the speakers, as she was keen in it to draw a smile on the faces of the followers and the attendees.