The Impact of Islam on Qatar’s Cultural Heritage (Virtual Tour)

from 27 July, 2021 to 29 July, 2021
Virtual tour via Zoom app

Organizing Committee: Qatar National Museum

Brief: The event is a private virtual tour that deals with the topic of Islam’s entry into Qatar and its impact on the local culture. This influence is evident in many customs, traditions and social practices that have been passed down through generations, as well as in the traditional architecture of the country. The tour also focuses on the path of pilgrims in the past, the preparations that were made for this spiritual journey, the duration of the journey, and the celebrations that take place upon the return of the pilgrims

Objective: To identify the history of Qatar and its relationship to the Aryan Islamic civilization, to know when and how the spread of Islam began in Qatar, and to identify the extent to which Qatari heritage is linked to Islamic culture

Used Language: Arabic and English

Target Audience: The general public

For More Details:

Tuesday 27 July (English)

Thursday, July 29 (Arabic)