Qatari Song Festival

from 14 October, 2021 to 16 October, 2021
Qatar National Theater

Organizing Committee: Music Affairs Center

Brief: This event stems from the vision of Ministry of Culture and Sports towards a conscious society with an authentic conscience and a sound body. The Qatari song reflects the artist’s connection to the national identity and the culture of the Qatari society by reflecting the details of the local environment in it. The Qatari song is also a milestone in that emotional encounter between the creative art of Qatari singing and the sense of the Qatari audience, which is attracted by high music and singing.

Objective: Support the Qatari song and encourage the pillars of creativity in the Qatari song (composers, poets, singers and musicians) to present artworks befitting the march of Qatari song

Target Audience: All groups of society