About hosting

Being nominated the “Capital of Culture in Islamic World in 2021”, Doha is going to host various events during this year. The events will be launched within the Islamic Culture Capitals Program, which reflects the enlightened civilized vision of the mutual Islamic cultural work.

As a result of Doha’s long history and legacy together with the numerous cultural characteristics and Islamic landmarks in the State of Qatar, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “ISESCO” has granted Doha to host this event.

Doha has chosen the slogan “Our Culture is Enlightenment” as a symbol that reflects the valuable connotations of Doha hosting this event. In fact, this event is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports throughout the year together with the Qatari National Commission for Education, Culture and Science and also the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “ISESCO”, in cooperation with the country’s strategic partners, the associate bodies and participants.

Doha’s hosting of the Islamic event strengthens the bonds of friendship and respect that bind the State of Qatar with the world, especially the Islamic world countries. Indeed, Doha is a land of dialogue and a meeting place of cultures and openness to civilizations. The events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, represent an opportunity to highlight the cultural diversity, the historical monuments, and the human values ​​of Qatar’s culture and ancient history.

The events are held under the slogan of “Our Culture is enlightenment”, which symbolizes Doha as the capital of culture in the Islamic world in 2021, believing that every nation has a culture that distinguishes it from others. Indeed, the Islamic culture has an inherent value that has its uniqueness within the world’s cultures. It is vibrant as long as it is inspired by the eternal Islamic values ​​that brought humanity out of darkness into light and gave man cognition, knowledge and dignity.

The Islamic culture has traveled through the centuries in growth and development, interacting with others, being influencing at times and being influenced in other times to set up reason and conscience in order to achieve urbanization. If culture is prosperous, then it results in prosperity of the nation, and vice versa.

The Islamic culture succeeded in the past in assimilating different cultures through the ages and to form from its diversity an authentic unity harmonizing with the main sources of this culture. It is now time for the Islamic culture to regain its valuable motives in order to innovate again, and to think about the future as much as it thinks about the past and the present in order to reach the essence of its eternal message.